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"A group takes 'cross country' skiing to new level"

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“Everyone will cross an Arctic Ocean in their lives,” says Frida. “It may not look like the ice cap at the top of the world, but it will feel every bit as dangerous and alien.”

How will you cross that unfamiliar ground? Frida believes whether it’s to rescue your home, your health, your family or your finances, you must learn to rely on creative problem solving and teamwork--the same techniques that get off broken ice and back on solid ground.

Never one to shy away from testing her limits, Frida will encourage you to step into the ring and meet challenge head on. “Adventure pushes you to a new threshold. You never come home the same person.”

Her latest challenge in March 2008 will be to ski from Russia to Sweden across Finland. Check her blog for the story.


Pursuing a Dream...

The Geographic North Pole is a place few men have ever traveled, and even fewer women. In April 2001, Frida Waara, a small woman with a big dream, skied to the top of the world with a team of eleven other women to become the first all female unsupported expedition from Russian ice to the top of the world.

Frida's message of focus, resiliency and determination in the face of insurmountable odds takes your group to the top of the world, literally, and shows them how they can navigate the unfamiliar and chaotic waters of change.

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